FULL MOON IN VIRGO – February 22, 2016

Lunar ecstasy to you all.

Before my full moon ritual, I drew a card to illustrate this February’s moon and the energies she was carrying with her. Lo and behold: THE HERMIT.

I wrote:

The light from the Hermit’s helm couldn’t symbolize the moon more beautifully as she stands above me.
I do not like how the luminescence looks trapped, though. A feeling of solitude.
In solitude, you can always find your own self, waiting to meet and commune with you.
Similar to the moon, she’s always there, on cue, in rhythm.
Alas, the clouds have tucked in Selene, perhaps temporarily, perhaps until tomorrow night.

In this card, we can see tonight’s moon in the lantern, or as the Hermit him/herself. I sketched the Hermit card as a woman; she turned out majestic. She wouldn’t conform to fit the body and robes of the old man that I drew her, and in the end, the sketch had a similar look to the classic old-woman-young-girl optical illusion. old lady young optical illusion

I would show you how it turned out, but it is now smoke, drifting somewhere above Texas. (Interestingly, the numerology for today’s date reduces to: VI The Lovers. So, there’s this 6 & 9 dynamic here.)

Go look at your favorite Hermit card, or the RWS Hermit and imagine the moon, personified, holding her light to you this evening. Stunning.



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