I had a cool experience with reversals this morning for my daily card draw. Two cards fell out, which I took to be the chosen onesof the day. I admit, I was a tiny bit upset at having to learn two cards today, instead of keeping energies singular, but today’s essence is still focused on one card, the Knight of Wands; only adding a degree of movement and a layer of life to it.

In the reversed position, the X of Cups mingles with the Knight of Wands in a way that traps the fiery horse and its rider, much akin to a rocking horse. I say “trap”, because of the physics contrasting the two instances of the X of Cups position. If you look at the violet lines in the photo, the reversed position of the arc shows an easy entrance to the knight, but a hard climb out. In my instance, signifying I’m lazy and carry an approach of “easy first, hard later”. The other portrayal of the rainbow, right side up, requires some work for the knight to climb, but once at the apex, it is not only a beautiful sight, but it’s also an easy glide downwards. Put in the work, soar over the rainbow like a pegasus, or a shooting star. Don’t sway in place like a rocking horse; that won’t get you anywhere, except a hole burned underneath you. x of cups reversal


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