minerals + geometry for spiritual growth blocks and self-care

I designed this spread based on an issue of mine regarding my own spiritual growth: fear, and believing that God/Goddess/Spirit/Source/Self/etc. can really do anything in terms of conquering fear.

Upside down triangle symbolizes downward focus of heavens; and the reading has an overall upper-right movement to it to signify a positive graph-like trend.

There is support all over the triangle, with the upper region sourcing from crystals.

Inside the triangle is a mini spread inspired from another inspiring, brilliant reader. ​😀 I was terribly inspired by the muses in her blog post about the respective spread, the Empresses.


*when you’re in the æthers, it’s incredibly hard to discern believe/beleive in correctness. Hehe.

Shall we embark?

I brainstormed with astrophyllite, chiastolite, and an amethyst cat.

Black – inspired by ​Mia_Fitzroy

1. What to let go of today?

2. What to embrace today?

3. What action to take?

Red- the three crystals I used were celestite, scolecite, and selenite

1. Where am I on this?

2. Where I am heading with this?

3. Advice/Input from Celestite.

4. Input from Scolecite.

5. Advice from Selenite. 

Here, in pictures is how it went:
I started with the red.


I’d say it was a dazzling gem show, with each specimen showing its design in their�allotted cards.� Celestite’s crisp, ethereal blue, Scolecite’s spikes and intense serenity, and Selenite with those vertical running striations. I also must bring attention to the cards in positions 1 and 2. The card in the latter position, Death, is a direct, x-ray overlay of the VI of Cups, showing the transparency that exists in spirituality (while specifically showcasing the “everything is flowers and good and no harm can come to you if you believe in God” facade I was raised on).

Here, is the reading finished. Interestingly, the last card was a waterfall of the VII of Cups…it came alive. As I was shuffling to draw for the card for position Black 3, a stack of ten cards fell out. My attention first focused on the VII of Cups, and laid the rest down ending with the IV of Cups. I usually keep the deck title cards with the deck for whenever they wish to speak, like now. The message on the tree card roughly reads that the treasures of the earth are open to those that seek it with innocence and purity. So, excluding those two title cards, there were seven cards that dropped with the VII of Cups.


Also, in relevancy, my kitten came in before the reading and was rubbing his snout on the cards and pawing them, so I let him pick out a card. He chose himself, naturally, a brilliant head of orange: V of Swords. There I am with my housemate/significant other in the background, arguing over petty things, knowing there are no winners in war. How silly. ;p



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