Angels are listening. They surround you.



I had a cool experience with reversals this morning for my daily card draw. Two cards fell out, which I took to be the chosen onesof the day. I admit, I was a tiny bit upset at having to learn two cards today, instead of keeping energies singular, but today’s essence is still focused on one card, the Knight of Wands; only adding a degree of movement and a layer of life to it. Continue reading

“One of those days”

Ever have a period of time where nothing tasted satisfying, the music on the radio wasn’t quite cutting it, and things are just kind of blah when it comes to satisfaction? I’ve been experiencing this over the past week or so, and, honestly, I am fed up (all these puns) with the lack of earthly satisfaction, which is bleeding into my overall wellbeing. So, I did something about it.

That’s it. That’s the key: do something. If the food you’re purchasing isn’t meeting your standards, make your own meal! I find it harder to be disappointed in my own creation. If the radio isn’t quite hitting that spot, make your own playlist, and jam on!

I consulted my Rider-Waite deck, and the 4 of cups made his gloriously gloomy appearance. This card has been following me throughout my readings this year.
To me, this card speaks of stagnation, and pushing through thresholds. The young man sits, unsatisfied with what is in front of him, blind to the new gift from the heavens. Perhaps not even blind, but without room for the new gift.

Upon drawing the sequential “how can I change this” card, I drew The Sun. I’ve always had the impression that the sun vaporizes clouds away, and in that same context, stagnation. Blast it away with warmth, radiation, light, smiles, and fresh endeavors.

“You pretend you don’t have a choice, but you do.” -lyrics from the song “Cold” by Thief

Me: Humans have computers to help us with stuff.

Simon the Cat: …*attention on the printer*

Me: …and we print stuff to help us manifest that stuff.

I love the relationship humans have with animals. There’s something there.